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if you wanna do a good job. Two things you need to do.Firstly, you should poured all your love and affection to the job.


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I trust you to do a good job for Stan's sake . 我 相信 你会为了 斯坦 把 工作 做好 . 《柯林斯英汉双解大词典》 We must do a good job in transport an


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用good job造句挺难的 As a crass american you do a good job . 作为一个地道的美国人你干得真不赖. She has stopped smoking , and a good job too !


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用do a good job造句 We don't doubt that he can do a good job of it.\\x09 我们并不怀疑他能把这事做得很好. We must do a good job in controll